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    I have been wondering about COVID – as it is all in our news.  It seems to have affected most people very negatively – what with the illness it brings and sometimes death.  And what with our world being that much smaller due to our advanced technology, the disease has spread faster to all corners of the earth.  The COVID reminds me of the earlier plagues that affected mankind – from the plagues that affected the Pharaoh’s people during the time of Moses to the Black Death, (the dreaded Bubonic Plague), Cholera outbreak etc.

    This brings me to the theme of death.  Why do people fear death?  I think it is something to look forward to when you have completed all your dreams and are still in a good place.  When you can still take care of yourself and are fully coherent.  You have your loved ones round you, you know you’ve had a good and fulfilling life and now it should be time for the new adventure of death.  Death is not to be feared.  It is not the bogeyman.  Death opens the doorway to another world – another dimension – anther state of being.  What excitement we should have!  Not fears and tears.

    True, the death of young people is always a tragedy but death comes in many other forms and is the result of different causes and for different reasons.  I feel for those that have lost loved ones.  I know very well what loss means.  I have lost many very dear ones at a very young age.  We have to remember them kindly, keep their memory alive as long as possible, pass it on to the next generation.  But we should not let that embitter us.

    The COVID has shown me that there is also a positive side to enforced lockdowns.  I do now very well that most people have found it to be very difficult and with reason work, children especially young children and schooling, weeknights and weekends out etc. etc.  Bu for me, personally, it has not been hard at all.  I have had time to do many things that I have been putting off doing for a long tie.  I can still communicate with my friends and family by phone or mobile.  I do enjoy to extra time to ruminate, write or do nothing – listening to music, watching programmes.

    What I miss mostly in this lockdown is travelling – especially overseas

    I hope we have learnt something positive from this COVID lockdown.  I do wish it is soon over and the world can return to normal.